Amsterdam is next and tomorrow we will play in Antwerp with Bite Down and Nervous Mothers

Today we play in Nijmegen together with Bleak Bulce

Good news first, our small tour starts on Sunday!!
Bad news, unfortunately our 7inch is still at the pressing plant (fuckheads!!!)
Nevertheless we do have some new shirt designs with us.

09.03. GER, Köln @ AZ Köln w/ Minutes, Bloodstains 
10.03. NL, Nijmegen @ de Onderbroek w/ Bleak Bulge 
11.03. NL, Amsterdam @ Vrankrijk 
12.03. BE, Antwerp @ Music City w/ Nervous Mothers, Bite Down 
13.03. BE (Ghent/Kortrijk) NEED HELP! 
14.03. FR, Saint Etienne en Coglès @ La Laussandiere 
15.03. FR, Saint Renan @ L´Odyssee w/ Found on the Floor, Homesick, Kyma 
16.03. FR, Nommay @ Pinky Bar w/ Doomsisters, Rougeot Youth 
17.03. GER, Erlangen @ Jugendhaus w/ Skaggs 

So our tour starts in almost one week, so come by and say hi. As you can see, we still have a day-off in Belgium. If you can help us in any way, please get in contact. 

We still waiting for the parcel with our 7inch and by any chance we will have them with us on tour. The 7inch contains songs from our demo, unreleased tracks and a Big-Boys cover song from our recording session for our first 7inch and will be released by Refuse Records.

Our next shows will be in May together with Isolation from Munster.
30.05. Leipzig w/ Isolation
31.05. Berlin w/ Isolation + Xwalk awayX

In February we start to play a couple of shows in Poland, together with Slow Erase from Warsaw.

Some of the shows for the tour in March are already confirmed. We plan to release a tour 7inch with some rerecorded songs from our demo + two older songs and a cover extra. As soon as we have all the dates together we will post them here.

We also working in some new songs, hopefully we can record and release them within this year.

We had a lot of fun last weekend, we would like to thank everyone who came to the shows. Thanks to Soeren and the G18/Bremen-Crew. Also thanks to the Stumpf/UJZ Korn-Crew, we had a pretty good time there.

Currently we try to book a tour in march, with shows in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. If you want to book us for a show or just try to help us with dates, please get in contact.

Here is a short video from a show this summer at the Shakshuka Fest 2013

17 Nov 13 at 9 pm

Will’s new band together with Andrew (Confines/Failures/CTS). 
You better get into them!!!

(Source: willkillingsworth)

"Will Killingsworth:
I’m pleased to announce that this record that we have quietly been working on is currently going into production on the mighty IRON LUNG RECORDS. We just put a song online for your listening (dis)pleasure. DEMONBROTHER is Andrew Jackmauh and Will Killingsworth. BEYOND THE VEIL explores the murkiness between lucidity and insanity, criminal behavior and the stigma of mental illness. Five songs of sonic despair.
Listen/download: Journey To The End Of The Night by DEMONBROTHER"

13th December Bremen - G18

We play a couple of show in the next weeks. so come by and say hi.

We start on the 28th of November in Berlin-Rigaer 94

30th November Weimar

14th December Hannover-Stumpf

Last-minute show in Wroclaw together with Neighborhood Brats from Los Angeles.